„Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”

Audrey Hepburn



Fur is to the world of luxury fashion what diamonds are to the world of jewellery.
Fur is not only a good investment; it is also a beautiful material which gives clothing a luxurious appearance and noblesse.
A fur coat is not only a hit at society balls. It is warm, accentuates the personality and is highly elegant.
This is what a modern fur coat should be: a fur which will outlive its era with timeless elegance.

The models from our La Rena brand designer workshop stand out in particular for the following reasons:

  • We choose the most exclusive natural materials made of chinchilla, sable, mink, fox, raccoon, exclusive stretch leather and so on;

  • We choose luxurious fabrics such as French lace, embroidered tulle, cashmere etc., decorated with fur details;

  • We make daring combinations where combinations cannot apparently be made, thus highlighting the different structures of the materials used;

  • We use unusual and inspirational cuts;

  • We have a sense for detail and precise handiwork;

  • We use a wide range of colour;

  • And above all – we focus on elegance.

Over the course of the last few winter seasons, fur coats have become the object of a huge boom across the world. Both as clothing in its own right, or as sophisticated accessories in the shape of collars, hems, ties, handbags and decorative effects for shoes. And the imaginary cherry on the cake in the world of accessories are shaggy fur handbags.

Synonyms for the La Rena brand are:

Timeless elegance, evoking a feeling of uniqueness, originality and luxury.

Renata Kliská, owner and designer
Renata Kliská, owner and designer